Own A Company And Apply Business Visa (Work Permit) in Malaysia?

Many foreign investors have opted to buy a ready made shelf company and subsequently apply business visa in Malaysia, instead of incorporating new company in Malaysia for doing so. 

This is largely due to the fact that they can own a company within 24 hours if they go for shelf company while the whole process of new company registration will normally take up to 12 days! (TIME is Money!)

All shelf companies are private limited company or are called “Sdn. Bhd.” in Malaysia.

Certain foreign investors may plan to use the shelf company to apply business visa for its directors or professional staff in Malaysia.

The following are the facts you need to know before applying business visa (work permit) in Malaysia:

What is a Professional Business Visa (DP10 Visa)?

Professional Business Visa (Director Visa or DP10 Visa) is an Employment Pass issued by Malaysia Immigration Department and it is normally valid for 2 years.

Professional Business Visa is only issued to those management staff (company directors) or professional skilled staff of the company. The professional staff must be supported by the valid professional certificates.

What is required in the Company?

Only Sdn Bhd Company (Private Limited Company) is allowed to apply Business Visa in Malaysia for its management or professional staff.

In order to qualify to apply visa, the Company must have a Issued & Paid-Up Capital of at least RM500,000. (Authorised Capital is not Capital  of the Company and is not accepted by Immigration Department).

Can a company increase paid-up capital to RM500,000?

The directors need to deposit the same amount of money (cash) into the Company’s bank account before a company can increase its paid-up capital.

We will not entertain any request from the company to increase the paid-up capital without the “bank-in slip”/“bank deposit slip” from the directors.

Can We help to apply business visa in Malaysia?

We are licensed company secretary and we do not provide services in assisting directors or company to apply business visa . The directors are to apply directly with the Immigration Department for relevant visa or to obtain services from other visa consultants.

For more details, please visit Immigration Department Official Website: www.imi.gov.my

We do not hold any responsibility if the Company is unable to apply business visa in Malaysia from the Immigration Department.