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What is Ready Made Shelf Company?

Shelf company is a company that was incorporated and waited to be sold to those who need the company to start the business immediately (24 hours) without going through the whole company registration process (12 days). 

List of Shelf Companies for Sale

This List of Shelf Companies is dated 28/3/2016.

All companies in the list of shelf companies are subject to availability & you can reserve the company for 1 day before making full payment to us. BUY NOW before it has been taken up by someone! 

Buy Shelf Company & Free 1 Year Secretarial Fees!

Buy shelf company from us today and you will enjoy 13 months secretarial fee FREE (worth RM927)!

All documents will be ready for signing by TOMORROW after 3:00pm if cash payment has been made before 3:00pm TODAY. (Please refer Time Table at page 2)

Why You Can’t Buy A Shelf Company In Malaysia?

If you are a foreigner on the business trip to Malaysia, you can’t buy a shelf company in Malaysia without fulfilling the requirements as stated below. 

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Shelf Company

Shelf company is no difference from those newly registered company and all companies are subject to all provisions of the Companies Act 1965 in Malaysia. 

Increase Paid-Up Capital of The Company

Due to the whatever reasons, the new Management may want to increase paid-up capital of the Company as every shelf companies are registered with issued & paid-up capital of RM2 only. (2 ordinary shares) 

Differences between Shelf Company And New Company Registration

There are few differences between shelf company and new company registration in Malaysia. 

Own A Company And Apply Business Visa (Work Permit) in Malaysia?

Many foreign investors have opted to buy a ready made shelf company and subsequently apply business visa in Malaysia, instead of incorporating new company in Malaysia for doing so. 

Advantages To Buy Ready Made Shelf Company (Why Choose Shelf Company)

There are many advantages to buy ready made shelf company instead of start with registration of new company from the scratch. 

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